Planned Parenthood

Cuidandonos Creceremos Mas Sanos – Planned Parenthood of WI

ROLE: Commissioned by PP of WI to work on an branding piece and a heavy text manual for a new Latino community program. This manual is designed for social workers that visit Latino families in low-income communities in efforts to provide sex education and most importantly, break down the cultural taboo revolving around said conversations.

The program is called CCMAS; Cuidandonos Creceremos Mas Sanos. I created the logo for the program to use the existing up to date Planned Parenthood colors. My client wanted a tree to symbolize growth and nurture. I created a tree with cell looking circles with the said quad colored palette. I used the same colors to separated the manual into four sections to divide the 4 week program.

SOFTWARE: ADOBE Illustrator & InDesign